Here’s the latest Campaign news.

Check back often for updates. For 2008 archived news, go here.


  1. Seeking a non-profit group or Foundation to act as ‘fiscal agent/sponsor’ and coordinate the financial part of the Campaign. I welcome advice or suggestions on this process.

  2. Completing 36-page Budget and Business Plan/Capital Campaign brochure

  3. Fine-tuning presentation for first of five ‘city partners’ along Lilac Way

  4. Preparing to approach Campaign Corporate Sponsors

The Campaign to Restore Lilac Way is looking for key Partners, especially with environmentally-focused, nonprofit organizations that could help bring this community revitalization project to life—pooling resources and networks while providing benefits to both organizations. Learn more.


  1. The City of St. Louis Park has won the ‘Best of Class’ award in the 25th anniversary Minnesota Community Pride competition for the renovation of Lilac Park. Bravo!


  1. Wondering if the economy will ever pick up so I can find partners to help me in this amazing community project. Focusing on my design business until I can see how things flush out. Sigh.


  1. Grand opening of Lilac Park was a great success. Lots of fun, nice ribbon cutting. Had lots of visitors to my Campaign display tent, hoping to find partners. See the pictures. The City of SLP and the St. Louis Park Historical Wayside Park/Beehive Restoration Project Committee did an OUTSTANDING job renovating this Lilac Way park.


  1. Preparing for Grand Opening of restored Lilac Way Park on July 13th. Built in 1939, the City of SLP has done an amazing job of restoring the beehive and picnic tables. It is absolutely beautiful. The Campaign will have a large tent display at Opening party, to help find Partners. The park signage, designed by Laukkonen Design, has been installed and is a big hit with park visitors, who stop to learn the park’s history. See the park.


  1. Graphics for big Lilac Park system kiosk (two 4x4 panels) went to printer on Wednesday. Should be up in the park in a few weeks.

  2. Fine-tuning the trail signage, there are two versions.

  3. Went to a wonderful presentation at Hennepin History Museum. SLP Jr High student Joel Vodis did a great exhibit on Lilac Way history, including a mention of the Campaign. Congrats to Joel and Pam Albinson!

From Togo in West Africa, Joel just learned English three years ago, and also speaks two other languages. He is a recent winner of the prestigious Academic Presidential Award.


  1. Sign graphics fore restored Lilac Way park are going great, found some incredible photos. In final proofing stages. Will be installed for 7.13.09 Grand Opening, near Nordic Ware Tower. Mark your calendar!

  2. Edina Historical Society called to discuss a poster design project, if there is a budget. Nice!

  3. Here’s the latest version of the trail sign.
  4. Still looking for Campaign partners but learning to be patient in this economy.

  5. Fixed the dead links on the site, asked TPT to put their Lilac Way video back up on their web site!

  6. Thinking I might have to add breadcrumb navigation to some of the secondary site pages.


  1. Had a great meeting with Landscape Architect Kathryn McFadden at MnDOT to look at their old Lilac Way park photos for use in both the signage project and the Campaign. They had a few park photos I had never even seen. They are kindly scanning them for me. Sadly, no photos of the original park near the Nordic Ware tower.


  1. Now you can follow the Campaign updates on facebook and twitter. I just love using all this technology to get the word out.

  2. Working like crazy on the big signs for the renovated Lilac Way park. Lots of work, especially the writing and historical fact-checking.

  3. Added a new ‘Tell us your Lilac Way story’ section. Hopefully it works, this is my first HTML form. HTML was obviously not designed for creative people.

  4. Hoping we will get approval to add trail signs along the Southwest Regional bike trail that leads to renovated park. Seriously. How cool would THAT be?

  5. Rick Birno even wants to purchase an extra sign to hang on a wall at the Parks & Rec office for public meetings!

  1. Laukkonen Design is thrilled to have been selected by SLP’s Rick Birno to design the signage for the renamed Lilac Park (formerly Roadside Park) for Three Rivers Park District. The sign at the left is a sample of the system kiosk that will be located at the park entrance.

  2. The Park signage will show the history, old photos and the Partners that have helped St. Louis Park restore the beehive and this incredible park. Bikers and skaters along the Cedar Lake Regional Trail will be able to bike into this restored park. Cool!


The lilacs in my yard have started to put out little green buds. Always a good sign!


Just sent out new Campaign Partnership Invites/Announcements to a select group of non-profits and environmental groups. Even in a tough economy, this project has a lot to offer our future Partners: New Revenue Stream, Heightened Awareness, Professional Marketing and established Mn/DOT Support.


  1. I have been sitting back for the last few months, waiting for the economy to settle down so that I can figure out my next steps for the Campaign.

  2. Starting to plan next big promotional push to sign up Campaign Partners

  3. Successfully set up Google Analytics on web site! Who knew that would be so exciting.

There are about 30 species of fragrant northern spring-flowering lilac shrubs and small trees that make up the genus Syringa in the olive family.

The plant is native to eastern Europe and temperate Asia.

My favorite is the new Wonderblue Lilac that I just put in my front yard.