Robbinsdale may join the groundswell, by looking to purchase Graeser Park.

We hope they make restoring it a priority.

According to a MnSUN newspaper article from July 9, 2008, the City of Robbinsdale is considering buying Graeser Park.

This park was also known as Robbinsdale Rock Garden Roadside Park.

Graeser Park
  1. Also known as the Robbinsdale Rock Garden Roadside Parking Area

  2. Located on NW side of Hwy 100, between West Broadway and Hwy 81

  3. Dedicated 1939

  4. Largest and most intact of original parks

  5. Design reflects naturalistic landscaping and rustic architecture of wayside parks built by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration (WPA)

  6. Original plans called for a "Rustic Log Roadside Parking Sign," showing the camp-type feeling goal for the parks.

- St. Louis Park Historical Society


Speaking about Graeser Park at a Robbinsdale City Council Meeting on July 1, 2008 , the discussion noted:

  1. When the park was used for storage for supplies during Highway 100 construction, the park’s stone picnic tables had been removed from the park and stored at Mn/DOT’s Golden Valley location. (See these dismantled tables.)

  2. They have been looking for a partner for funding to help put back the tables at Graeser Park. To date that has not been accomplished.

Staff recently heard that Mn/DOT has only have an easement interest in Graeser park. This gives Robbinsdale two options:

1 - To initiate an action to acquire this underlying fee property for the public purpose of maintaining the park at this location. 

2- The City could enter into a formal agreement with the State to continue to maintain the park with some sort of clause in the agreement about obtaining the title and right to the furniture along with some sort of perpetual easement.

City Manager Marcia Glick confirmed that Council’s consensus is for staff to go ahead and prepare for acquiring the park property.