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Tell us your Lilac Way stories.

Do you have fond memories of the roadside parks along Highway 100? Picnics in Graeser Park in Robbinsdale or Blazer Park in Golden Valley? Hanging out at Excelsior, Lilac or Roadside Parks in St. Louis Park? Or just driving past and seeing the funny-shaped stone beehives?

Tell us your stories, we would love to hear them. Just make sure they are rated PG, this is a family show. I plan to include a new web page that includes these stories, so everyone can read the shared stories.

Everyone seems to remember the ‘beehives.’

But no one seems to know that they were barbecues!

In the 1940’s, people would pull off the road and roast hot dogs in the beehive.

With three openings, three families could roast hot dogs at the same time.

Today, can you imagine driving to 494/694 on a weekend just to picnic?