Behind every big idea, there is a team of supporters cheering it on.

Since I developed the concept for this Campaign, I have had a lot of support from family, friends and neighbors.

They offered everything from feedback on the latest logo design, to lending a purple scarf for my pivotal Mn/DOT presentation. I am very grateful. Thanks to:

Jim Vaughan, St. Louis Park Environmental Coordinator

Patti Strohmayer, Paul Walvatne, DeWayne Jones, Todd Carroll and everyone at Mn/DOT

Jeanne Andersen and Kathy Spence Johnson, St. Louis Park Historical Society

Rick Birno, St. Louis Park Recreation Superintendent and head of the St. Louis Park Historical Wayside Park/Beehive Restoration Project

Sue Sanger, St. Louis Park City Council representative, Ward 1

The Fortino/Moriarity gang for their endless support

Brittany P.L. and the Westwood girls for their Campaign enthusiasm

Paul the Web Wizard of Endless Patience for showing me the perfect solution

Julie J. and her Two Harbors brainstorming sessions while driving 70 mph

Mary Herfurth for being the ‘off-site testing station’ for the web site

All my friends and Zarthan neighbors who act as sounding boards and offer insight and feedback, whether it be at a bonfire or just standing in the middle of the street

Along Lilac Way, workers built seven parks with rustic entrance signs, stone overlooks, picnic areas, and even ornamental pools and rock gardens.

Each stone was cut by hand by local unemployed stonemasons, out of limestone cut from the Minnesota River near the Mendota Bridge.

This was another part of the WPA project.